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Boots and More Performance is the result of over 30 years of ski tuning and boot fitting for some of the world's best athletes and the most determined and finicky skiers, riders and ski mountaineers.

Mobile Service

Mobile Service entails bootfitting (all services) and ski/snowboard edging and iron hot waxing, additional services (mounting/testing, major repairs/base welds) can be discussed. NOTE: Stone ground tuning is not a mobile option.

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Concierge Service

We will pick up and drop off your equipment for ski/snowboard tuning and repair, mounting and testing.

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In House Service

All aspect of boot fitting, ski/snowboard tuning and repair as well as mounting/testing and major repairs.

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-Custom Insoles                           $175.00 & up

-Custom Liners *****                               $275.00-$575.00

*****Will depend on size and style of liner chosen

-Shell Press (per area/per boot)    $25.00

-Shell Grind (per area/per boot)   $30.00

-Lower cuff height (per pair)     $50.00

-Upright cuff (per pair)             $100.00

-Canting/Alignment (per boot)      $100.00 & up

-Stance Alignment/Fit Analysis*    $50.00

-Heat molding - custom liners     $50.00-$100.00 if not purchased

-Boot Repair                                Based on Need

-On-snow consultation                    Case by Case Basis

* Stance analysis fee credited toward work performed. 

-Basic tune w/ wax (Iron/HB)          $70.00/$85.00

-Race tune with hotbox wax    $150.00

-Edge and Wax (Iron/HB)         $40.00/$50.00

-Base Weld (per weld)               $20.00

-Excessive edge work**           $25.00

-Excessive base work  ***         $25.00

-Hot Box only 1st cycle ($10 each  additional cycle)                         $30.00

-Iron Wax only                               $30.00

*Charge starts as listed & may increase on work necessary

***Charge starts as listed & may increase on work necessary

****Major repairs by visual estimate only

-Adjust & Test                               $40.00

-Alpine Mount                            $65.00

-A/T Mount                                 $60.00

-Quiver Killer Install                $100.00 + Mounting Fee

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