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We value our client base tremendously.  Their performance, safety, comfort and happiness is why we are here.  Our goal is to exceed their needs and expectations.  Below are a few testimonials by some of our clients.  We hope that you become one of our biggest fans!

Greg has done more than just tuned my skis and fit my boots.  He educated me on the importance of proper alignment, support and maintenance of boots and skis.  His knowledge and expertise has helped keep me prepared, comfortable and healthy.  His service have been invaluable to me and my family.

Zach Carbo,

Adventure Athlete

They say to become an expert at a thing is putting in ten thousand hours.  What is an expert worth?  I don’t know the answer but what I do know is trust.  I trust my skis, boots, and binding to perform when I ride.  There are moments if my gear fails it would end poorly for me.  


Testimonials/reviews mean poop in the day of this online world.  Yelp, Google, and whatever the nonsense the next tech kid puts out means nothing.  What means something is knowing a man for twenty years.  An expert at his craft who always cares.  


Greg Coulter takes pride in his work.  He cares and loves what he does, this is why I trust him.  I remember a difficult time in my life when I was struggling emotionally and financially. I went to Greg to get my new set up dialed.  When he was finished he gave me a hug and said…….. “We’re all good Brother”.


Thank you Greg Coulter for all the years of taking care of me.  You have kept me safe, cared for me, and most importantly been my friend.  I love you.

Asit Rathod, Mt. Hood Legend

I  and my numerous ( 30+)  world class level athletes have been long time and loyal customers of Greg Coulter and his ” Boots and More” services for over seven years. This group included several  current up and comers  from  national and international teams to six  specific  Olympians from the  2014  Sochi games. All of these competitors depend on Greg s expertise to  help give them the  competitive edge in boot and ski performance which certainly allows them to reach the platform of performance resulting in their individual podium  success. Not enough can be said of Greg’s knowledge and his personal commitment to these athletes and likewise his customer base. This mobile service demonstrates his follow thru to those he services.  KUDOS GREG

Kerry Miller, International Freeskiing Athlete Development Specialist

As a full-time Ski Instructor and Trainer at Mt Hood Meadows, and a USSS Level 200 Race Coach/Masters Racer, I have a serious interest in my gear performance and comfort.  From tuning all my skis for specific performance outcomes to solving my boot issues, even those I  didn't know I had, Greg Coulter nails it!

His on the spot solutions at very fair prices are amazing, something that is very rare in this industry. He also has a "one-of-a-kind" state of the art trailer set up for mobile service.  Unbelievable! If you have ever had someone work on your equipment and then have Greg work on it, you'll get it. Check him out.

Greg DeHaven, Ski Instructor/Trainer Mt Hood Meadows & USSS Level 200 Race Coach/Masters Racer

I could very well be one of the oldest clients of Boots and More Performance.  That in no way implies I am less active, and therefore my equipment needs are any less demanding.  Greg has always come through for me in that department, from Alpine Touring to Downhill.  Mounting, Tune-ups, Waxing, and most important...Bootfitting.  Greg is the only tech to have built me a boot that is as comfortable at the end of the day, as the beginning, without sacrificing performance.  Boots and More Performance is "5 Star".

Mark Kelsey, Mt Hood Badass, Mountain Rescue Instructor

Greg Coulter is at the top of his game with boot fitting and ski tuning. Plus he is an all around nice guy! Whether it be race, all mountain or alpine touring boots, Greg can make any boot fit like a glove, without sacrificing performance. His ski tuning abilities can make you ski on rails in a race course and float effortlessly in powder. He has competitive pricing and has a very fast turnaround time. You won’t be disappointed!

Mary Askew, Ski Fanatic, Racer, World Champion Powerlifter

The absolute best out there! Greg goes above and beyond to make sure your gear is ready to go and preforming great. He is the only person I trust to fit my boots. I could barely put into words what my issues were, but he somehow translated it all and made my boots fit so well that I can/have happily worn them all day, on and off the hill. Amazing service and the most knowledgeable you'll find. I highly recommend seeing Greg for any and all boot or ski work!

Shawn Hokkanen, ON3P Ski Builder & Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast 

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